World Bridge Tour

The Marit Sveaas IBT is proud to collaborate with both the World Bridge Tours.

First, we collaborate with the privatly owned World Bridge Tour who organizes high-end tournaments both on- and offline. Last year they played in Lillehammer right after our tournament. Unfortunately, this year they will go to Sopot, Poland, but may of their players will play the MSIBT afterwards. 

Since they can't reach the qualifying day, some pairs will be allowed to enter the A-final, depending on the resultats in the WBT tournament. 
Details are to be decided.

More info on the World Bridge Tour website.

Second, the Marit Sveaas IBT are a part of the WBF World Bridge Tour. We are very proud to be a part of this list of worldknown tournaments. 
MSIBT is a category C tournament, which mean the winners will receive 30 classification points. 

The current standing of the World Bridge Tour



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