Last minute information 2017

This was sent out Tuesday Aug 1st as a last minute information to all participant (whom we have an email address):

"Hi bridge friends!

We’re just a few days away from the highlight of the year, at least in Norwegian bridge; The Marit Sveaas International Bridge Tournament.
At the moment we are 210 pairs – but entries are open until Thursday. So if you have some friends who wants to join – its not to late.
This email is sent to all participants that we have an email address to – please share it with your partner if you suspect we don’t have his/her email.
Also attached is the previous welcome letter we’ve sent out.
Some last minute information:
Airport express train:
The airport express train will run as usual on Friday, but due to maintainence work there will be replacement buses on Sunday. These take a little more time to get to the airport.
We will not have a formal dress code for the tournament, but hope everyone will dress up for the occation. Some of the female bridge players of Norway will put on their finest dresses, so its up to us gentleman to match them!

There will be a registration desk in the venue open at least two hours before the tournament starts. If you want to avoid standing in line its recommend registrating more than five minutes before the tournament!
All participants will receive their badge when registering. The roof of the Opera House will be full of tourists, so a badge is necessary to gain access to the venue. Players who have paid the entry fee in advance must also register to get the badge.
Some of the prized in this tournament are subject to taxation by the Norwegian Government. Costs incurred are deductible before taxation, so please keep receipts for travel and accommodation in case you win a big prize. 
Lunch and eating:
There will be a cafeteria open in the venue run by the Opera House. It has a normal selection of drinks and something to eat. At Oslo Central Station and the area around there are plenty of places to dine and grab a quick snack.
Tournament directors:
We are very pleased that Jacob Duschek of Denmark is the head TD and he will be joined by Harald B. Skjæran, Kenneth Syversen, Alexander Flakstad and Markus Bruno from Norway.  
If you have any problems on Friday, please give tournament director Harald Berre Skjæran a call:
0047 952 81 167
Welcome to Oslo and Marit Sveaas International Bridge Tournament!
For the Norwegian Bridge Federation;
President Kari-Anne Opsal
Secretary General Allan Livgård 



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