The Marit Sveaas International Bridge Tournament has some of the biggest prizes in bridge history. This is made possible because of sponsors and the contribution from Christen Sveaas, not because of high entry fees.

Main prizes:

Ranking NOK € (approx 15. March '17)
1st 300,000 33,000
2nd 150,000 16,500
3rd 100,000 11,000
4th - 13th 20,000 2,200
Main prizes are based on more than 250 pairs and can be reduced with less.

Prizes special categories:
Ranking NOK € (approx 15. March '17)
1st 20,000 2,200
2nd 15,000 1,650
3rd 10,000 1,100
To award prize in a special category - the category must consist of 15+ pairs.
Categories with less than 15 pairs will be put together with another category with less than 15 pairs.

Special categories:

  • Junior pairs (born on or after Jan 1st 1992) - only one price; NOK 10,000
  • Women pairs
  • Senior pairs (born on or before Dec 31st 1957)
  • Mixed pairs
  • Best norwegian pairs with less than 150MP each
  • Last session prize 

* Pairs qualified for more than 1 prize gets the highest awarding prize, and the next ones in line in the special category moves 1 place up (except best pair last session)
* All sums in Euro - € are approximate values due to currency exchange rates. Prizes will be awarded in Norwegian kroner - NOK
* The highest awarding prices are subject to taxation due to Norwegian law. The tax is 15 % with deduction for all the costs related to the tournament.
* Prizes will be paid by bank transfer  
* Prizes can change with low attendance 




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