Last minute information 2018

Hi bridge friends!

We’re just a two days away from the highlight of the year, at least in Norwegian bridge; The Marit Sveaas International Bridge Tournament. At the moment we are 186 pairs – but entries are open until midnight tomorrow. So if you have some friends who wants to join – it’s not too late. 

This email is sent to all participants that we have an email address to – please share it with your partner if you suspect we don’t have his/her email.

Some last minute information:
Getting to and from the airport:
The easiest and quickest way to get to and from Oslo Airport is the Airport Express Train. If you want a cheaper alternative use the local trains – they take approximately 5 minutes more and cost only half. The Airport Express leaves every 10 minutes – local trains around every 30 minutes.

For playing times – see the schedule on the webpage:

We will not have a formal dress code for the tournament, but hope everyone will dress up for the occasion. Some of the female bridge players of Norway will put on their finest dresses, so it’s up to us gentleman to match them!

There will be a registration desk in the venue open two hours before the tournament starts. If you want to avoid standing in line it’s recommended registering more than five minutes before the tournament! We accept cash in most currencies and most debit cards (sorry, no credit cards). ATMs are found at Oslo Central Station. 

All participants will receive their badge when registering. Please wear the badge at all times when playing.

All prizes will be awarded as prize certificates. Sometime next week all prize winners will receive an email on how to claim their prize. According to Norwegian law are prizes above 10 000 NOK per person subject to taxation. Foreigners will be taxed as sports person and costs are deductible. So please keep your receipts for hotel, travel and board expenses. 

Lunch and eating:
There will be a cafeteria open in the venue, but they will have a limited offer this year. We apologize for this. It will have a selection of drinks and something to eat – and you can reserve a table for lunch and dinner. Water will be available for everyone (organized by the NBF). At Oslo Central Station and the area around there are plenty of places to dine and grab a quick snack.

Tournament directors:
We are very pleased that Jacob Duschek of Denmark is the head TD and he will be joined by Niels Aagaard, Bjørn Andersson, Ryszard Sliwinski, Harald B. Skjæran and Sigmund Bakke. Are Utvik will be in charge of scoring and Svein-Jarle Ludvigsen and Per Nordland will be in charge of everything else. In the reception you will be met by Eli-Ann Bakke, Heidi Berre Skjæran and Helge Stornes. Please give all of them a great smile!

If you have any problems on Friday, please give tournament director Harald Berre Skjæran a call:
0047 952 81 167

Welcome to Oslo and Marit Sveaas International Bridge Tournament!

For the Norwegian Bridge Federation;

President Kari-Anne Opsal

Secretary General Allan Livgård 





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